Meet Pareese: Photographer and Videographer


Hi, my name is Pareese H. I am a up and coming photographer and videographer from Queens. What started off as just a hobby has grown into creating endless memories for families and individuals. I take pride in capturing the moment, bringing each story to life by paying close attention to detail and having fun. Make One Lens, your one stop.


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Meet Reefa: Reef Treats Catering

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Meet Kevin: Tip Joy Drinks


Growing up in a family from the Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, I was exposed to a culture with a variety of alcoholic beverages that induced joy to many, while providing liquid courage to others.

I created TipJoy which, when decoded, means to get Tipsy and Enjoy oneself. Whether you want to enjoy a night alone, have a game night, provide drinks for a banquet or pregame for a party, TipJoy can provide a brew for you.

 Much of my time is spent teaching my sons and helping to mold them into the gentlemen they wish to be. They keep me active as I intend to live a healthier more dynamic life.

For any inquiries, I may be reached at The journey of my business can be followed at  

Meet Chef Bea: BriEllegance Catering Services

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With a Passion for food and desire to create BriEllegance Catering Services LLC. was born from the talented mind of Owner Brandi Baxter- Chef Bea (B). 

Acquiring skills as a young child from family and school, Chef Bea always knew she wanted to be a Chef. She has the ability to create Vegan dishes flawlessly and make Soul Food effortlessly. This is an experience you must have. Putting her own flare and creativity into every meal, you'll never be disappointed. 

She is known for Thanksgiving on the Train, she is quoted in the New York Times, Washington Post and featured in the New York Post, Pix 11 and other news outlets.


BriEllegance Catering Services LLC. Offers a variety of services including but not limited too Meal Prep, Private Dinners, Events Large or Small, Drop-off Services & Travel. You can reach her 


Text: 347-261-8149



II am DJ CaseMatic, growing up in a rich Caribbean culture filled with lots of music and rhythms, I developed a passion for music at a young age. I love seeing how music transcends people into a different place and create an experience that brings them total joy and happiness. As I got older that inspired me to create those same memories and  experiences for others. That ultimately motivated me to become a DJ.

I have been a DJ for over 15 years, providing this service for weddings, engagement, birthday celebration, baby showers, retirement parties and other special events. I truly believe that a DJ is a key component to making any event memorable and that is always my goal. I always aim to give you the greatest musical experience for your occasion.

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Instagram @dj_casematic

Meet Stephanie: Whites Delights


IHi my name is Stephanie and I am a aspiring self taught home baker from Brooklyn. I started baking as a young girl trying to make a buck with selling cupcakes to my neighbors. When I knew I had the ability and talent to make cakes, I knew as a child I can make this into a business. I then started baking with my sister Antoinette who has also inherited the talent to bake @whitesdelights was then created and built on our name. I then started to be apart of pop up shops to expand my audience. I was also apart of a baking competition and was announced the winner. Whites Delights is known for our taste, texture, and style. We bake with great passion and dedication. Our goal is to continue to grow and learn as home professional bakers and to make clientele happy. So if your looking some tasty cupcakes, you may reach me on Instagram @whitesdelights_ Thank You